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Peace offering Sculpture

Julia Atlas, who is an architect and photographer, has branched into sculpture with her Prayer Bead pieces. This one, made of rosewood, takes this talisman and magnifies it, inviting interaction with the object" 



The small prayer bead sculptures made of African beads are the studies that informed this piece. The large sculpture amplifies the message and offers us the opportunity of interaction. They are stripped of decoration, reduced to its essence. They are the rosary, the mala, the worry bead – Our common talisman. May we be reminded of our truth. Buddhists say the beads are our illusory experiences of life and the thread is our essence our Truth. The beads are made from a found Tipuana {Rosewood} tree, felled in January 2014 and turned in February. It remains ‘green’ to encourage the cracks, symbolic of humanity and an invitation for light to enter. Size large 180 – 200mm / 7 – 7.87 inches x 14 beads. Thread and tassel are twine.

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