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A Study of Peace is a calling for universal peace. I have worked closely with my ancestors. They span a multitude of cultures… from Spain, Turkey, Italy, Zaire and Eastern Europe. This heritage combined with an intense appreciation for Cape Town and Africa are deeply rooted in this collection.


The origin of the word bead is bede, to pray… The making of a piece is a prayer delivered through each bead from the tip of Africa to the globe. I am fascinated by this alchemical process for it is as much of the art form as the product. The process has led me to each piece as a study that informs the broader idea that is finally expressed in the Peace Offering Sculpture… and the soon to be completed Slave Installation {expressing our connection to slavery}


The objet, jewelry and sculpture each follow Buddhist principles in their method of binding in combination with a devotion to symbolism and the language of numbers {A natural continuation from my past career as an Architect and student of Yoga}


You hold in your hand a study of peace… A talisman of beauty and power...


Best wishes



2nd April 2018, Cape Town

Sculpture mini copy.jpg
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